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We asked our Director of Design Jessica Cannon if she could add any five products to her bedroom / bathroom which ones would she choose and she shared her wish list with us on this post.  What would you add to your own bathroom or bedroom?  Let us know in the comments.

kohler hydrorail

1. Kohler HydroRail Shower Column
Ever since my vacation to Puerto Rico, I’ve wanted a rain head in my shower. This is where I first experienced getting showered with a rainhead. Installing one of these shower heads can be expensive and often requires re-doing the plumbing in your current shower/bath (which also means new tile). Untill Kohler came out with the HyrdoRail shower column. This is at the top of my “wants” list!!

“Take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary—without remodeling. With HydroRail shower columns, you can transform a standard, single-outlet shower into an unforgettable KOHLER showering experience without altering, or even having to access, your in-wall plumbing.”

Product (click here)

merillat base ironing board

2. Merillat Masterpiece base cabinet ironing board
A foldaway ironing board and iron storage with an integrated outlet would be a great addition to my bedroom or bathroom. I hate my clunky ironing board – I keep it in my guest room closet with the iron and hate lugging it all out to iron. I’d rather go to work in wrinkly clothes than set up the ironing board. With the Merillat Masterpiece base cabinet ironing board I’d be freshly pressed every day.

Product (click here)  – – click on the 3rd photo on this page for the base cabinet ironing board – there is a video of the product.

Womb Chair and Ottoman

3. Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair
The Womb Chair is my dream chair. While in grad school and learning about architecture and furniture design, I fell in love the Eero Saarinen’s aesthetic. This chair embodies everything I appreciate about Saarinen’s style and work. I can just imagine curling up in this chair reading a book with a cup of coffee and blanket.

Product Info (from DWR): The expressive sculptural forms of Eero Saarinen’s furniture can also be found in his architecture, from the TWA Terminal at Kennedy Airport to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to Dulles International Airport. In 1940, the Finnish American and his friend Charles Eames took first prize at the Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition at MoMA. Later that decade, when Florence Knoll challenged Saarinen to create a chair that she could curl up in, she had found the right candidate for the task. The Womb Chair and Ottoman (1946) has an enveloping form that continues to be one of the most iconic and recognized representations of mid-century organic modernism. By applying foam molded over a fiberglass shell, Saarinen created a single-piece form that perfectly facilitates a relaxed sitting posture. Manufactured by Knoll according to the original specifications of the designer. Made in U.S.A.

Product (click here)   

karastan wish come true

4. Wish Come True – Karastan Smart Strand Silk Carpet
This carpet is the definition of luxury. I’ve been working at FA Design Build & Flooring America for 5 years. This carpet is by far the softest, warmest, and most cuddly I have ever felt. I want this for my bedroom!! I can only imagine getting out of bed in the morning – this carpet is the first thing that I want my feet to touch. I’d be jumping out of bed in the morning rather than hitting the snooze button 5 times (ok, actually more like 10 times – I’m not a morning person) This carpet is incredible. It really is a “wish come true”.

The definition of soft has been redefined. Karastan introduces SmartStrand Silk, the most luxurious soft carpet ever made. This casual texture is made up of 40 colors, featuring the most current and appealing neutrals along with great additional shades of pastel like colors

Product (click here)    

Trinity Lighted Mirror TV

5. Trinity Lighted Mirror TV – Electric Mirror Company
Shouldn’t every bathroom have a LED HDTV within the mirror? In Jessica’s dream world….heck yes !! I’d be lathering up under my rainhead shower while watching Project Runway on TV within my mirror (that of course doesn’t fog up – because it has a de-fogging capability). The Electric Mirror company is a vendor for all types of mirrors with integrated lighting and tv. This particular mirror, Trinity, is 42” round with warm fluorescent light within the mirror surface as well as the tv.

“The Trinity Lighted Mirror TV has a whimsical round shape with a frosted glass border that glows from within, providing natural even lighting to illuminate the user”.

Product (click here) 

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