Van Gogh’s Countertop – Natural Stones

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By Jessica Cannon

Walking through the rows of natural stone slabs, looking at stones like granite and marble, is like walking through an art gallery for me.  Each stone is a piece of art – beautiful and unique…like a Van Gogh painting.  I often joke with my clients that I wish that I could take a slab and hang it on my wall at home like a piece of art…nature’s art.

Natural stone countertops are often the centerpiece of a new kitchen or bathroom remodel because each stone is one of a kind.  In remodeling the showroom at our Fairfax location, I chose several natural stone countertops as the starting point of the design. 

Granite - Bianco AnticoBianco Antico (click here to see other slabs)

One of my favorite natural stones is Bianco Antico.  It is a dramatic and sexy stone with a sharp contrast between the light and dark colors.  It is truly moody in nature and is always the focal point of any design it is in.  I’ve used this stone in a variety of applications, in both kitchens and bathrooms.  Bianco Anitco works well with both light and dark cabinetry – my favorite is to partner it with either white painted or black painted cabinets.  In our showroom, Bianco Anitco is featured in our elegant master bathroom.  It is an intense and rich countertop that gives the bathroom its WOW.

The variation and beauty of the art created by nature in a stone countertop can’t be matched.  

Our show stopper natural stone in our showroom is our textured granite countertop.  The finish of the stone is a leathered finish on a Cosmic Black slab.  The stone itself is a dark black/gray with accents in white, silver, and wisps of maroon to deep red.  The leathered finish brings out the textures of the natural movement in the stone.  Most natural stone countertop that we are used to seeing are either polished or honed – both a smooth, cool surface. The leathered countertop’s texture follows the natural variations in the stone.  It feels how it looks with undulating ripples and waves.  The stone invites you to brush your hands over it– just by looking at it, you can imagine how it feels.

Natural stone falls into 2 major categories for me – consistent and varying.  The Bianco Antico I mentioned previously would be considered a natural stone with heavy variation.  Each slab looks different and has unique characteristics.  I encourage my clients to select the actual slabs they want to use at their countertop if the stone has any type of variation. 

Tropical Brown Kitchen CountertopTropical Brown granite

A more consistent natural stone, like the Tropical Brown granite that we installed in one of the kitchens in our showroom, does not necessarily require a slab selection.  There is very little variation in the color and overall pattern of the stone.  I chose the Tropical Brown granite for this reason in our display.  You can count on this stone to always work with cool tan, brown, taupe, gray, and black.  It also has a hint of iridescent blue specks throughout the stone under certain light that give this stone it’s pop.  Tropical Brown works with both a traditional or modern aesthetic and is often used to tie together other elements in the design including the cabinets, flooring, and backsplash tile.

Granite and marble natural stone are often my top choice for countertops in kitchen and bathroom remodels.  The variation and beauty of the art created by nature in a stone countertop can’t be matched.  Only nature can produce something as stunning as the stones I’ve mentioned in this post.  Each is unique, each is beautiful, and each is a work of art. 

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