Types of Carpet

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Today we will discuss the various types of carpets. Knowing carpet textures will help you determine where a carpet should be installed for maintenance and style purposes. The most popular type of carpet is the cut pile. The cut pile is a type of carpet whose loops have been cut out. Durability is maintained by choosing a durable fiber, increasing the amount of twist in the fiber and having a high density in the tufts. There are three types of  cut pile carpets: Frieze, Saxony, and Plush.

The fibers in the Frieze are twisted and have a very curly surface texture. This texture minimizes footprints and vacuuming marks, so it works great in high traffic areas. It is best used in playrooms or lounging areas because it has a casual look.

Saxony fibers still have a twist, but with a more level look, which is somewhere between casual and formal. It has a smooth surface that minimizes footprints as well, so it is perfect for less traffic areas that have a less formal look. It works well in your  home office or finished basement.

Plush is also referred to as a velvet cut pile and has a smooth, level texture. It is luxurious looking and creates a very sophisticated look, which looks elegant in a formal living room.

Level loop pile has loops that are all the same height, which the Berber style of carpet. It is very durable and works great in high traffic areas. It is most in offices or basements because it has a casual and relaxed look.

Multi-level loop pile has a few different loop heights, which create an interesting casual pattern and is very durable.

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