Top Benefits of Working with a Home Designer: Part 2

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Kitchen2In our last post, we discussed four benefits of working with a professional home designer vs. going it alone. As an alternative to tackling home design on a DIY basis, many people desire the expertise and know-how of working with a design pro.


Below we’ll present several more benefits you can expect to enjoy if you work with a home designer for your next project, whether it is big or small.


Designers can draw on a number of industry contacts.


Designers have many contacts that they can leverage to find the perfect materials for your home. For example, a design pro has vendor resources for lighting, carpeting, and other materials. They also know home improvement experts such as contractors, electricians, and more.


Design pros will being a trained eye to your project.


You can save time and money by relying on the trained eye of a designer. He or she can automatically tell you if something in your home is wrong – and make the necessary corrections. This skill is the result of years of experience and exposure to a wide range of designs and products. When you do it all yourself, you may end up making a costly and frustrating aesthetic mistakes.


Professional designers know how to make a statement with design.


Also known as the “wow factor,” designers can make a space pop or impress with the right combination of color and materials. They view your home as a blank canvas on which to paint a stunning design. Designers can view your home objectively, as an overall picture, whereas you may not be able to do so.


Designers use their skills to help you tell your story.


Design is more than simply corralling textures, color, and lighting in a space. A qualified designer will pull together those objects and design elements in the role of a storyteller to make your home a representation of you. He or she will help you tell your visual story and make your house a home.

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