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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Remodeler? I start here because this question is great for understanding who to invite over to learn more about your remodel. First is what types of companies are out there, which type is best for my project? There are different types of companies whom can help guide you through your remodeling project and in the end create a fantastic experience in conjunction with amazing quality. Types of Companies:...

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My counter is NOT a cutting board

Posted By on Feb 15, 2012

By Mylene Thomas If your teenager, or significant other for that fact, is anything like mine then they have a built in filter that blocks any noise coming from your mouth. I don’t have nice countertops for that exact reason. I have a dedicated space just for cutting boards. Small cutting boards, medium cutting boards, large cutting boards, cutting boards for meat with a draining system, cutting boards for vegetables with a built in...

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Do you seriously expect me to remember when, where and how I’m supposed to treat my countertops? Have you seen my indoor plants? No? That’s right. Because if I could remember to water them they would still be here alive adorning the foyer with their beautiful fauna. How about Cambria kitchen countertops? It’s 93% quartz, a natural stone and with FA Design Build’s new resources they can offer more style choices that look like granite...

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