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By Mylene Thomas and Jessica Cannon Your 203(k) renovation can still meet your style standards. This renovation was an overhaul of the entire home including, but not limited to, the plumbing, electrical, dry wall, painting, existing bathroom, kitchen, and exterior. What made this job particularly interesting was the installation of a full master bathroom within a master suite in what was originally just an attic space. The additional...

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Designing Acoustics

Posted By on Jul 6, 2011

Good home design is not just visual and functional; it is also an auditory experience. How does it sound as you walk into a room? This sound should be as pleasurable as the sight of your room. An echo in a room can make it feel cold. Soft furnishings, such as window treatments and area rugs, can reduce the level of the noise and create a warm inviting environment. Don’t be afraid to use an area rug in the kitchen. Stain resistant...

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