Safe Living

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When you are planning a home entertainment area it is important to not only make it a comfortable place for your family, but also a safe one.  It is common to use glass in cabinetry housing a television, game console, and home theatre system. Be aware that unless it is tempered glass, it can cause serious harm if broken.

Base cabinet doors are required to have tempered glass. I recommend that upper glass doors also receive this treatment so you can enjoy a safe happy home.

Plain glass breaks easily and shatters into sharp shards. Tempered breaks into tiny little bits that are much less dangerous (why it’s required in car windows). It is much stronger, but is also vulnerable to sharp taps. The higher price for tempered glass is because it has to be heated to almost melting then cooled after it has been cut to size.

FA Design Build carries 3 lines of kitchen cabinets: JSI, Wellborn Forest and Medallion.

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