Accessorizing Your Home With Hardwood Floors

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By Katie Reitmayer

Hardwood floors are the gold standard of flooring. Hardwood is permanent, beautiful, and rich looking. The most beautiful element of a hardwood floor is that each floor has a distinct character all its own. If you are in the market for a new floor there are considerations you need to make about wood. Wood is beautiful because of its distinct qualities. No two pieces of wood are going to look the same nor are they going to be the same color. It is the variation in the wood that makes it so spectacular to look at in your home. Products such as the Armstrong Hand-Scraped provide a distressed look that is unique to each plank and works with both modern and traditional décor. If the variation is going to bother you, perhaps wood is not the best option for you.

It is the variation in the wood that makes it so spectacular to look at in your home.

The best way to think about wood is to think about buying a diamond. We love our diamonds because they are distinctly ours. The light that comes off your is not the same as someone else’s diamond. Your diamond has its own color and shape that cannot be replicated. Each diamond has its own special character, and that is why we love our diamonds so much! Hardwood floors are the same way. They are going to take light and color differently when they are in your house and each floor is going to have a unique personality. While there are a lot of wood look options available such as laminates, these are just CZs next to the diamonds of the wood floors.

Just like in your diamonds, there are some “C’s” you need to look at in your wood:

Color: The color variation is what is going to give your wood floor a rich look. Lighter woods, such as natural maple, are going to give you a modern look. Darker woods, such as cherry are going to give you a more traditional look.
Cut: How the wood is cut determines how the grain is going to look. The more grain, the more distinctive the wood plank is going to be.
Clarity: Wood is imperfect; however, it is possible to get higher grade wood products that are of a more of a uniform appearance.

What kind of hardwood would you like to have at home?

Armstrong - Oak - Hand Scraped NantucketArmstrong American Scrape – Oak – Nantucket W: 5″

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