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Illustration Remodel House Sale

Illustration by: Leo Lammie

By: JC Gibbs

There are many reasons for remodeling selling your home.

“A big benefit in choosing to remodel your current home rather than moving is being able to customize your space.  You can plan every aspect of your remodel including the design, layout, and style that suits you and your family best.”

By moving into a new home, be prepared to make some compromises – it’s unlikely that you will find a new home that has every detail you want.

Jessica Cannon

If you already like your current home’s floor plan, your neighborhood and if it makes more sense financially, those are already pretty strong reasons to consider remodeling your current home over selling it.

CNBC’s Realty’s Check Article mentioned how home renovation was hot in 2013 and it will remain throughout 2014.  One of the reasons is that many families are considering remodeling their homes even after their kids have left for college since the parents are expecting they to move back in to avoid spending thousands of dollars in rent. Article (click here)

This post’s title “to remodel or to sell your home” reminds me of the TV Show by HGTV Love it or List it, I know it’s just a TV show, but you can always see the excitement on the faces of the participants whenever they go hunting for a new place, but then you can also see their faces whenever they go back to their renovated homes, it’s priceless! The warmth of the memories in that house and being able to stay there, but with a few improvements that makes them decide to Love it instead of listing it.

In the case of my parents back in Panama, they remodeled their previous home and put it on sale, it wasn’t about the floor plan, or the house itself, it was about location so they made a few improvements to increase the value, sold it and bought a new home.  That worked for them, and then with FA Design Build we have had several similar cases in which some folks make a few improvements and sell their house or apartments, but we also get the opportunity to work with families that want to stay in their homes and give them a makeover.. The pictures below are a good example of how making the renovation of their kitchen was totally worthy!

How about you, are you planning to remodel your home or to sell it@f0


Before Remodel Home


After Remodel Home


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