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By Jessica Cannon

Here’s an article will be very helpful to those of you who are considering a home remodel or renovation in the future.  It is a great place to start and one of the best articles I’ve ever read on “what to look for when picking a home renovation/remodeling company”.

This article has a lot of good information that is explained very well in detail (including a checklist that I’ve included below).  We at FA Design Build talk about all of the items in this article with our potential clients.  But if you are just starting out, and haven’t met us yet, this is a great place to start in choosing a remodeler that is right for you.

The article also explains a bit about design/build firms and the difference between design/build and a regular contractor or remodeler.  I am a bit biased in that I work for a design/build firm and love it– the teamwork is the best– all aspects of the remodeling project are in house.

One of the best tips in this article that we talk about with our potential clients is….

 “A common belief is that homeowners should get three price estimates before choosing a contractor for their remodeling project. Unless the proposed design, scope of work, products, materials and all other factors are identical in the three proposals, however, this can lead to a comparison of apples and oranges.”

If you are just starting out in the remodeling process, please have a read.  We at FA Design Build are here to answer any of our questions about our process in home remodeling.

Here’s the checklist from the article in finding the right home remodeler.

What the experts say you should ask contractors during the interview process:

? Are you licensed to work in my state?

? Do you and your subcontractors carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

? Can you provide insurance certificates?

? Are you lead-certified (certified in lead-safe work practices)?

? What is the warranty on your work?

? What services are covered under your contract? May I see a sample contract?

? How long have you been in business?

? Who will be assigned as the project manager? Will the project manager be on site all day?

? Do you have an architect/engineer on staff? If not, whom do you use?

? How many design drafts are included in the contract?

? Do you use your own construction crews?

? Who are your subcontractors, and how long have they worked with you?

? What is the time frame for the project? When could we start? What is your estimated completion date?

? When do you need my product selections?

? Who will walk us through design and selections?

? How do you handle allowances for products?

? Which suppliers do you use?

? Would the contract be fixed price or cost of materials and labor plus contractor fee?

? What payment schedule will you use (deposit, regular payments, percent of completion payments, other)?

? May I have a list of references for comparable projects you have recently completed?

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