Outreach Lavatory Faucet/Bathroom Faucet

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A new lavatory faucet/bathroom faucet has caught my eye. American Standard has developed a faucet for the bathroom that has a pull-out faucet/head…exactly like a kitchen faucet. The “outreach” faucet looks like a typical 4” center-set faucet at first glance, at second glance; this faucet is far from typical.  It is a pretty simple concept, we use pull-out faucets all the time in the kitchen, but this is the first time I have seen a pull-out for the bathroom.  Kudos to American Standard for this well designed and functional faucet.  I started out designing bathrooms 7 years ago, I’ve seen a lot of faucets in my time, but never one where the functionality of a faucet took precedence over the design….why didn’t someone think this up earlier? It makes sense…kitchen pull-faucets are very popular, why not a bathroom pull-out faucet?

I was faucet shopping online for one of my clients and came across this fabulously functional faucet. I took some time to really think about this faucet before writing this, beginning with a look at my own lavatory faucet and sink.  What I found, embarrassingly, on the sink was toothpaste, makeup, mouthwash, and hair…yuck.  If I had the “outreach” faucet, would my bathroom sink be cleaner?  While examining my sink, my cat Scarlett leapt onto the countertop and snuggled her way into the sink….more hair.  Then the light bulb went on…if I had the “outreach” faucet, I could bathe Scarlett in the bathroom sink, instead of the kitchen sink! Genius!

Consider these ideas that would make life just a little more simple and more fun:  men shaving (and cleaning little hairs in sink), washing your hair in sink, hand-washing delicate laundry, filling a vase with water, cleaning up sink and countertop, getting stains out of clothing (spot cleaning)….the list could go on and on, but I will stop it here.

Just a note that this is not a true review of this faucet, I have not used this product…but I hope to soon in one of my next bathroom designs (any takers???)

The pull-out of the “outreach” faucet extends 24” and is available in two finishes: chrome and brushed nickel.  It appears to me that this product is available exclusively through The Home Depot. The chrome finish faucet retails for $98.00 and the brushed nickel for $118.00.  This price is fantastic, especially considering that the faucet has a ceramic disc valve cartridge (a must in my book for a faucet) and cast brass construction.  The faucet also has a lifetime warranty on function and finish….what else could you want?

Well, there is one other thing that I would like, and that would be to see this faucet in an 8” widespread version. I’m not a huge fan of a 4” center-set faucet….though this faucet might just change my mind about the 4” spread.

If you are considering using this faucet at a retro-fit (replacing your existing faucet and not the sink and/or countertop) – be sure that your current faucet is a 4” center-set faucet. If you have an existing 8” spread or single-hole faucet, this faucet will not be a good fit.


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