One Bathroom Renovation

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How do you renovate your bathroom when you only have one? Renovation in a one bathroom home, a situation that many of us here in the DC area encounter, can be a tricky situation and a major disruption to your usual lifestyle. It’s important to know what to expect prior to your contractor ripping your bathroom apart…instead of realizing after the fact that you don’t have a place to do your “business”.

As someone who has been in this position (renovating my one bedroom / one bathroom condo in Del Ray, Alexandria), I have some tips and tricks to share, many of which I wish I knew about prior to my renovation, but we live and learn so I thought I’d share this valuable info:

1. Plan ahead and talk with your contractor.

Make sure your contractor knows that this is your only bathroom and discuss how long the renovation will take. Not only will you not have a bathroom, but the contractor also will not have a bathroom on site. Remind your contractor of this so he can make other arrangements if necessary – – like a port-a-john or public facilities close by.

2. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about sharing their bathroom.

Many of us have friends, family, or neighbors that would be happy to share their facilities. This situation is ideal, but not always possible – – see below for more tips on how to make do with what you have…….

3. Don’t remove the toilet until you are ready to install the new one (if possible).

If you are doing tile work on the floor, your contractor will have to remove the toilet to install the new tile. Worst case scenario is you will be without a toilet for two days. The toilet is the most difficult convenience to do without, don’t try and get creative on this one, plan ahead and make sure you have somewhere to go.

4. Use the kitchen sink instead of your bathroom sink.

The kitchen sink is great for tooth brushing, face washing, and a general (showerless) clean up. I even used my pull-out kitchen faucet to wash my hair in the sink.

5. Do you belong to a gym or does your office have shower facilities?

Gyms or the office are often a good place to get cleaned up while your bathroom is under renovation. After a workout at the gym in the morning get showered and dressed for work. Or, if you dare, head into the office in your pajama’s and use the office’s shower facilities.

6. Make sure all materials/products needed for the install are onsite prior to demolition starting.

If all material is on site, there is less likely a chance that there will be issues or delays along the way. The quicker the install goes, the quicker you will be back to your normal routine.

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