Natural Stone Tile: Which is Best for your Home?

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Are you looking for a way to update your home’s flooring? For kitchens and bathrooms, there are not many materials better than natural stone tile. With so many products to choose from, don’t be surprised if you find several that would work well in your home.

Not all natural stone is created equal. There are many types to choose from, with the following five options among the most popular:

·      Granite. This is a great choice for high traffic areas, especially kitchens. On top of the durability, it is available in many colors.

·      Marble. Also available in a variety of colors, this tile is only recommended for kitchens if sealed regularly.

·      Limestone. Limestone comes in many forms, from light to dark and polished or textured. This material can be easily scratched and stained, so make sure it is sealed regardless of where it is installed.

·      Travertine. This natural stone is used in both floor and wall applications, thanks to its unique crystallized appearance. Travertine may be susceptible to stains and scratches, but the right sealer can help protect against this.

·      Slate. When it comes to durability in natural stone tile, slate is second to none. A perfect choice for all high traffic areas, including kitchens and living spaces (such as family rooms).

Before you make a final decision, compare the pros and cons, as well as the appearance, of the five natural stones detailed above. If you need any assistance along the way, we are always available to help.

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