My counter is NOT a cutting board

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By Mylene Thomas

If your teenager, or significant other for that fact, is anything like mine then they have a built in filter that blocks any noise coming from your mouth. I don’t have nice countertops for that exact reason. I have a dedicated space just for cutting boards. Small cutting boards, medium cutting boards, large cutting boards, cutting boards for meat with a draining system, cutting boards for vegetables with a built in colander…you get the idea. However, when my 15 year old daughter makes her lunch salad the only thing she cuts on is my kitchen island counter top. It drives me crazy.

Since my voice apparently comes out sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher I have decided to change my surroundings rather than fight the laws of a teenager’s nature. I’ve always thought I’d wait until all my kids were out of the house to do this upgrade, but by then I’ll be blogging about which hover round model is the best. Thankfully there’s Cambria. Honestly the upfront costs are pretty comparable to granite countertops. The real cost savers are in the maintenance. It can withstand the wear and tear and stains associated with my destructive family. Plus, since it’s a quartz product like granite, it mimics a lot of the same aesthetic qualities of granite. Let’s face it who has time to refinish their countertops when last week’s clean laundry has made its way back into the dirty pile…and it’s still clean. Grrrr… At least I won’t be scrubbing my countertops with a toothbrush to get the yuck out of the knife grooves inflicted on it anymore. Ahhhh….

We have a great selection of Cambria samples in our Fairfax showroom. Come check it out and while you’re there win a gift card to Palio’s Restaurant and let someone else cut up their kitchen counters!

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