Matchy Matchy Syndrome

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Spend some time reading a decorating book or flip through the pages of a shelter magazine. Now walk into the average American furniture store. Do you see a difference? Furniture stores love to sell items in groups because, quite frankly, one big collection of furniture means one big sale. It’s easy for the salesperson to suggest the matching loveseat and chair when it is plainly displayed with the sofa in the store. And when all the furniture exactly matches, there is no stress for the buyer. A few fluffs of the pillow and they are on the cash register…

Though this is an easy method to decorating, it can be disaster in your home. Matchy Matchy furniture is BORING. It is devoid of personality and perfect for the showroom floor only. Now let’s go back to the books and magazines and television shows. Look! The sofa and the chair are in different fabrics! The end tables are completely different, and the coffee table is actually a bench!

A well designed home coordinates and harmonizes. It doesn’t match. This needn’t be scary. Use these tips and become picture perfect:

  • Use the same style of carpet throughout the house, but change the color in individual rooms.
  • Paint the walls in a neutral tone that is not represented in the furniture.  If the fabrics are predominately gray, use beige instead.
  • Use a solid print on the sofa, a small print on a loveseat and a bold pattern on a chair, all in the same color scheme.
  • Match fabric weight but play with textures.
  • Choose two different tones of wood which can either contrast or be close in color.  For example, natural cherry looks wonderful with black. Birch and white are fresh and fun.
  • Find a unifying factor. Perhaps different tables will all have a flared leg style. Or the sofa and chairs have rolled arms. Keeping the heights of the backs of chairs equal prevents the space from looking too messy.
  • Pillows add personality. Throw those matchy matchy ones that came with the furniture away!

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