Like granite but less maintenance – Cambria!

Posted By on Feb 8, 2012 | 0 comments

Do you seriously expect me to remember when, where and how I’m supposed to treat my countertops? Have you seen my indoor plants? No? That’s right. Because if I could remember to water them they would still be here alive adorning the foyer with their beautiful fauna.

How about Cambria kitchen countertops? It’s 93% quartz, a natural stone and with FA Design Build’s new resources they can offer more style choices that look like granite but don’t require the up keep. Maybe with all the time I’ll save not worrying about how to treat and seal granite I can buy that beautiful palm tree again and water it, too.

P.S. If my husband is reading this I would like the new kitchen in Shirebrook and the master bathroom in Praa Sands

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