Kitchen Islands

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A great way to add more storage and countertop space to your kitchen is to add an island. Kitchen islands are becoming more and more popular. You can even add a portable refrigerator, sink, wine rack, or wet bar to any island. A kitchen island is a “table-like” cooking area at the center of the kitchen, they are mainly used for preparing food and secondary cooking needs. It also work well as a place to eat quick meals. Kitchen islands can range from a simple design using wood, stones, stainless steel or tile to a more superior and complex design. It creates an extra surface for cooking and it also works well when transferring hot meals from the oven to cool off. It is usually at waist level and has drawers to hold kitchen utensils. Tops of the line islands can have working sinks, side cutting boards and disposal units for preparations of vegetables and fruits. The fancier ones feature griddles, electric burners, and even grills. These islands are used to prepare quick meals. If you decide on the fancier style, make sure have exhaust fans located beneath the heating elements and ensure that they draw heat and smoke away from other areas of the kitchen. The recommended size is a minimum of four feet long and about two feet deep, and it has to be enough moving space around it. kitchen islands tend to be the focal point of a kitchen. Usually the cabinets in an island match the other kitchen cabinets, but they may also have a contrasting color, material, finish, or shape. It is a great place to store appliances. The islands that have cook tops are great because it allows the host to socialize while preparing meals. Kitchen islands have become the most modern addition to any kitchen. Comfortable, casual, atmosphere for family activity.

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