A Kitchen Designer’s Choice Floor: Luxury Vinyl Tile

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By Jessica Cannon

kit 2My kitchen client’s always ask “if it were your house, what flooring would you install?”

My answer is always the same, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).  In my mind, this product was designed to be installed in the kitchen.  There are an endless number of reasons in why LVT is my choice flooring for the kitchen. Our top vendors come out with new, beautiful styles each year that continue surpass themselves in well designed and realistic looks.  The vibrant colors, patterns and variation, and the superior realistic texture is incredible.  These natural stone looking tiles often appear to be even better than the real thing. The best part being, they are more durable than a natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tile.  Most often, LVT is either a full vinyl material, or a vinyl material with a limestone back making the tile extremely durable.  The tiles won’t crack, chip, or break and are much softer and warmer on your feet than your average porcelain/ceramic tile.  If you drop a cast iron pan on your LVT, it isn’t going to creak or break the tile (where a porcelain/ceramic definitely would). This stuff is indestructible (and it looks so good)!

Luxury Vinyl Tile is comfortable on your feet in all weather, warm in the winter & cool in the summer.  The styles range from contemporary, transitional, traditional, and rustic and come in a variety of finishes to include semi-gloss, matte, natural, and even metallic.  LVT can be installed virtually anywhere.  We are starting to see it being installed as a backsplash tile in the kitchen and on the floors of bathrooms.  LVT is also a favorite for basement installations because it doesn’t react to moisture.

The recommended grout for LVT is a special epoxy grout that will not stain, crack, chip or crumble apart. There are a variety of colors available to coordinate with the tiles. It is also possible to install LVT without grout.  The tiles can be butt up next to each other for a fully seamless, no grout look.  This type of installation looks great with a more modern kitchen design.kit 4

LVT comes in a variety of sizes (16”x16”, 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 16”x 8”, and 8”x8”). These sizes can be laid in a variety of patterns and designs, from a traditional straight lay or diagonal install, to a modern brick lay, you can even install these tiles in a pinwheel pattern.  The possibilities are endless.

LVT is also much easier to install than a ceramic/porcelain tile.  Most often it is a one day installation.  Spread the adhesive, lay the tile, and then grout.  The adhesive sets much more quickly than the thinset adhesive that is used to install porcelain/ceramic tile, so you don’t have to wait until the next day to grout the tiles.  Many of our clients purchase LVT and install it themselves.  It is one of the easier flooring materials to install.  However, if you have us install the tile – -you will get a lifetime installation warranty.

Some of my favorite LVT’s include:
              Armstrong Alterna (this has a lifetime warranty)
              Mannington Adura


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