Kitchen Design and Build – Getting Started

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The kitchen is a natural gathering spot in every home. The kitchen should represent you and your family’s lifestyle as well as carry on the cohesive design of your entire home. For this reason, a kitchen must not only be warm and inviting, but functional as well. When it comes to designing and building a brand new kitchen, or revamping your existing one, you will be faced many important decisions which can become overwhelming. To make the task a bit easier for you, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen.

Begin with choosing a budget. By setting a determined budget, you are able to weed out all the choices out there that are beyond your desired price range. This will reduce the number of products that you look at by giving you a range that fits your budget comfortably, which is a very important factor if you’re also thinking of designing another room in your home.

Once the budget is set, you can start thinking of which design captures your lifestyle and preferences the best. You can decide between a traditional, contemporary, or country style, among others.

Once you make these initial decisions, you can begin to shop around for the specific details that will add your personal touch to your kitchen. If you chose a traditional kitchen, you can start by looking at cabinet wood finishes, like cherry or mahogany, which are often representative of traditional kitchens. If you prefer lighter colors, painting your cabinets white is also a great way to create a traditional look.

Of course, if you’ve chosen a contemporary theme, you will also want to look at modern, sleek appliances that complement the style of your cabinets which usually have a monochromatic and minimalist appearance. Stainless steel appliances and glass panel cabinets are staples in many modern kitchens.

Other styles you can look at are: Country, Cottage, Provincial, Shaker, and Craftsman. You can find more information on these different styles in our upcoming blog about “Kitchen Styles”.

Once you’ve come to a decision about your preferred style, you will find that it’s easier to choose the smaller details that enhance the design of your kitchen. Staying within budget and theme will help you organize your ideas and make the job less daunting and give you more time to enjoy the shopping experience, which is where the real fun begins.

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