5 Japanese Kitchens for Small Spaces

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by: JC Gibbs 

Don’t you just love Japanese Designs@f0

One of the things that I like the most about them is the use of small spaces and how well thought out and functional every element is, in not just Interior Design but designs of all sorts. This is the first time I’m submerged in the Remodeling and Flooring Industry and on September I’ll officially be one year with FA Design Build / Flooring America.  There is still so much to learn and I look forward to this journey, I love learning.

I live in a petite studio in Arlington, VA and at times it is quite challenging to have the kitchen the way I want it set up due to the amount of space and because I rent so I can’t deliberately make changes.  Working along with Jessica  has changed my perspective in the usage of space for small places.  One of the projects that helped me to open my eyes is a small contemporary kitchen we finished around the Woodbridge area.

The Kitchen is small and yet when you’re standing in there, you feel you have just about enough space to cook and prep anything. I cook everyday, and bake at least twice a week, so you could say that from all the rooms in a home, my heart is always in the kitchen.  Take a look at the photos of the Small contemporary Kitchen I’m referring to (click here).

George Nakashima's simple Japanese styled kitchen

1. George Nakashima’s simple Japanese styled kitchen. via Remodelista.com

 1.  This kitchen space is similar on space to mine.  I prefer closed cabinets for easier cleaning, but if you don’t have many pots and pans, you probably already use and clean them often enough that it’s ok to leave them hanging on your wall.

Daitokoro - Japanese kitchen

2. Daitokoro – Japanese kitchen

2. The details on this photo are a bit more difficult to appreciate, but from the image you can tell how well the space works.  It starts with the fridge on the right side, and then moving to the left you can see the sink and on top glasses and plates on the shelves. More to the left you have a small prepping surface and then hanging pans to finally get to the stove next to a window.  If I could design my own kitchen I would love having a window very close to my stove, not only it is pleasing to look through it but it also helps with the air circulation.

japanese kitchen

3 A Japanese kitchen by: DecorateMyRoom.com

3.  There are several things I love about this kitchen, and though it isn’t as small as mine, these details could be applied to any size kitchen. The first is the peninsula with the two stools, there is nothing I enjoy more than cooking for people and a peninsula or island definitively combines both cooking and feeding people so it’s perfect.  The backsplash painting with the Sakura Tree, I’m not in love with the art itself but the idea.  I think I would need my friend Denise to come to the rescue on how to incorporate a Sakura tree drawing on a backsplash to harmonize with the rest of the kitchen.

Setagaya Flat by Naruse Inokuma Architects Photography is by Masao Nishikawa.

4. Photography is by: Masao Nishikawa. Project by: Naruse Inokuma Architects

4.  This kitchen doesn’t seem so small because of the open space, but the truth is that this flat is just a touch bigger than my studio and the space utilized for the kitchen qualifies it, in my eyes at least, as a small kitchen.  I’m sure I don’t even have to explain why I adore this kitchen: the unfinished touches, the exposed concrete, the shelves, the window and the table next to it.  I’m not sure if I’d like hardwood in my kitchen, now that I’ve seen the new fancy vinyl and laminate products I think I’d go for those options first.

Japanese Kitchen by CuteAsianRooms.com

5. Japanese Kitchen by CuteAsianRooms.com

5. This is the most similar layout to my kitchen except that my stove has a an oven on the top and it is electric, I know boohoo.  My prepping space is double of what they have, between the sink and the refrigerator.  I do have a window in my kitchen but it is on the opposite side of the room so it helps some.  This wouldn’t be the color combination of my choice but I’d take this kitchen any day just because of that window next to the stove and then the rest, well, saving money and little by little I could get with that space the kitchen of my dreams.

Featured Image Source: http://www.thekitchn.com/-holiday-guest-4-163488

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