How to Renovate a Small Guest Room Your Visitors Will Love

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master-bedroom2The holidays have many of us thinking of ways to accommodate the house guests who will visit this season. Having everyone under one roof allows for plenty of family fun and memories, but sometimes our homes get a bit camped.


Instead of asking friends and family to sleep on the pull-out sofa, or – worse – putting them up in a hotel, why not transform an extra room into a comfortable, stylish guest room? Even if a spare room is small in size, it can be big on comfort. Undersized bedrooms or spare rooms can be coaxed into stylish spaces with the help of color scheme, lighting choices, and material selection.




To enhance smaller spaces with flooring, choose materials that are one shade darker than the walls to make the room feel larger. If you elect to use carpet flooring, choose a type with no sculpting, which can visually distract and cause a room to appear smaller. Fewer visual interruptions make a room feel expansive. With wooden floors, select a light variety with minimal grain variegation, which could add heaviness to the room.




Light colors make rooms appear larger than their measurements indicate. Choosing a light shade for a small guest room, such as dove white, creamy tan, or butter yellow, adds a feeling of spaciousness to the space. For added space enhancement, paint the ceiling the lightest value that is found at the end of the paint-selection strip for a cohesive look. Light ceilings give the illusion of height to the room. Finish it off with a later of crisp, gloss-white paint on window moldings and doors.




The right lighting can set the mood for a room, as well as make it feel larger. Therefore, light fixtures are especially important for small guest rooms. Adding a small chandelier directs the eyes upward and makes ceilings appear to be higher. If your décor is modern, opt for recessed lights in the ceiling to brighten up your room. For extra, task lighting, use wall sconces on a dresser wall or beside the bed to add light to this area. Avoid heavy draperies that block natural light – choose for pull-down shades or lace panels to provide more privacy.


How do you envision the perfect guest room? No matter how much space you are working with, we can help. Get in touch to make your design dreams into a reality the whole family will enjoy.

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