Sorting Your Flooring Style

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By Katie Reitmayer

As a flooring consultant I get asked a lot about what is popular and what other people are buying. Knowing what flooring styles are en vogue at the time can help you improve the value of your home. And what is the point of upgrading your flooring other than to increase the value of your home?

However, value has multiple definitions.  If you are planning to sell your home in the next five years, you should most certainly make sure you put in flooring that is updated and popular. However, if you are planning to stay in your home for a while, sometimes you need to plan for what you like and not what everyone else likes.

We all have individual tastes and styles. Just because a loose pile carpet is all the rage right now, that doesn’t mean that you are going to like it in your home.

Know what you like. Bring pictures of things that you love and of houses that you would love to live in. This way your any flooring consultant can direct you to the styles that fit best with the vision you have for your home and not the vision that everyone else has for theirs. The person who should be happiest with the flooring choice is you!

Besides, if popularity was an appropriate indicator of the things that are beautiful then green shag carpet never would have existed.

Design Distinctions Pearsons Trendy

Summary: When you are looking for new flooring, think about the following:

What does the style say about me? Am I a modern person who is looking for the clean look of an Eco Finishes bamboo floor? Or am I traditional and looking for a beautiful floral Kane area rug?

How is the flooring going to be used? Do I need something that will hold up to traffic while staying formal like a Karastan Nature’s Harmony? Or something loose and fun such as the Karastan Unprecedented?

Always balance your style with your needs and you will be delighted with your choices.

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