Best Flooring Types & Products for Bathrooms!

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By Denise H. Smith

There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing your bathroom flooring.

Consider the following:
–  Safety (Is the surface slippery?)
–  Water Resistance (Is the area prone to moisture?)
–  Durability and Maintenance (How long with the material last?)
–  Personal Style (Do I really like it?)

Here are some  choices of  the flooring types and products that  we recommend to our customers. Of course, some flooring choices are not conductive to wet spaces, such as carpet, hardwood, and laminate.

1.   Luxury Vinyl Tile: (or LVT) LVT can be grouted for realistic visuals just like ceramic tile, hardwood, or stone. For homeowners who want to put a wood look in a wet area, LVT is the answer.  Some of our most popular brands for LVT are Armstrong, Mannington, Downs, and Kraus.

Only DIY folks who are proficient in tile installation should attempt to install grouted LVT. 

2.  Porcelain Tile:  Porcelain has many advantages: it’s long lasting, cleans up very well, and is water resistant.  There are endless varieties, colors, and styles of tiles from which to choose.

Porcelain Tile’s downside is that it can be cold to the touch.  This can be fixed, however, by installing heated or radiant tile. Or you could always add a rug!

3.  Sheet Vinyl:  Sheet vinyl is not the same as linoleum, although the two are  often confused.    The  pros for this product for your bathroom flooring is it is water-proof and soft underfoot. It tends to be one of less expensive flooring options so if you’re on a tight budget, this is your best choice.  Armstrong and IVC are two popular manufacturers.  The wide range of options and realistic visuals make them two of our bestselling brands.

Care must be taken when moving heavy things across the bathroom, as sheet vinyl can be susceptible to tearing.

We have many selections of any of these flooring types to satisfy your modern, traditional, and/or contemporary style.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Bathroom Flooring at

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