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by Jessica Cannon, Director – FA Design Build

“Take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary – without remodeling your plumbing!  With Kohler’s HydroRail shower columns, you can transform a standard, single valve shower into an unforgettable showering experience without altering the existing plumbing locations in your wall.  The Kohler HydroRail is the best way to turn your standard shower or tub/shower combination into a luxury shower system.”



One of the most expensive portions of a bathroom remodel is relocating and upgrading the shower area.  Most of my clients want a “car wash” for a shower – – adding in a rain head, hand shower, body sprays, etc.  This can not only get expensive in plumbing fixtures, but even more so in the labor.  Anytime you add a fixture (for example, adding a handshower, additional shower head, or body sprays) you need to add another type of valve creating a multi-valve shower system.  The extra valves turn the water on/off to the additional shower fixtures.  Or, the extra valve will direct the water to go to go which fixture.

Kohler’s Hydrorail is unique in that it requires only 1 valve – the standard pressure balance valve that you already have.  The Hydrorail come with options for a shower only (shower stall) or for a tub/shower combination – so it can be used in any scenario.  HydroRail gives you the option of a handshower only configuration or converting your single outlet shower into a two outlet custom shower with a shower head or rainhead and a handshower.  You can choose the type of shower head that you want (even including a rain head!!) and the type of handshower you want.  The HydroRail system allows you to transfer the water to either the shower head or the handshower with a small transfer switch on the HydroRail system….or have both the shower head and handshower both “on” for a luxury shower experience.


Kohler has exceptional plumbing fixtures and has always been my “go to” vendor.  They have high quality plumbing parts, a variety of fixture styles from traditional to contemporary to ultra-modern.  The HydroRail truly takes Kohler to a new level in superior showering experiences for their clients.  They’ve solved a major bathroom remodeling dilemma…how to get an awesome shower experience on a budget.

Since the HydroRail was introduced, I’ve installed it in several of my client’s homes … I’ve even featured the system in our newly remodeled showroom to showoff this incredible new product.  Come and check out our “modern” bathroom vignette and we will show you how we can install a HyroRail system in your bathroom.


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