Custom Rugs – Not as Difficult as They Appear

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By Susan Garfield

Nothing can pull a room together like a great area rug.  Whether you are doing an entire room renovation or just freshening up a room you already love, the perfect rug makes all the difference.   The challenge is finding the ONE.  It can be a daunting process.  The color is perfect, but that design is completely wrong.  Love the print, but it only comes in shades that do nothing for your color scheme.   There should be a way to make this process easier, and there is:   Fabrica “custom” rugs.

You personally create your rug in styles from simple one or two borders to intricate designs and patterns ranging from traditional to modern.  Custom creating your rug is easy, just look through the extensive pattern book, chose a style, chose your colors for each designated area (think paint by numbers), tell us what size, and you’re done.   All borders and designs are carved, of course, for that extra touch of elegance.  Come in to Fairfax and let me help you find the right style and colors to elevate your room to spectacular.

The 2 border rug is by far the most popular of the custom rug program with Fabrica.

Designing a great 2 border rug is easy if you follow these steps:

1- Pick a center field in a style and color that accents your room but contrasts with your furnishing to create depth and interest.
2- Pick the outer border, normally this is a color that will contrast with your floor to define the rug AND picks up a color in your décor.
3- Pick the inner border, this is normally much smaller and picks up an accent color, like the cranberry in this rug that reflects the red pillows on the sofa.

Fabrica Natural Border Rug

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