Cork Flooring Reviews – What You Must Know Before Purchasing

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Today, more and more people are becoming more aware of the environment, making them find more ways to take care of the nature. When it comes to choosing the right flooring, cork flooring reviews provide helpful points for eco-friendly floor installation. With the numerous modern manufacturing techniques, it may be useful to know about cork flooring reviews in order to be informed about this kind of improvement for homes.

Cork flooring is known to be an eco-friendly floor. Cork oak tree is used in the manufacturing process of cork flooring and once it is harvested, the tree is milled and processed in order to create sheets. Afterwards, these are oven-baked to make flooring tiles. This kind of floor is usually used in houses, offices and other light commercial establishments.

Cork flooring production requires strict regulation. The cork tree must be at least twenty-five years old before harvesting. This way, the bark of the tree can still grow back, resulting to more sources for flooring. This is one of the many reasons why this type of flooring is a better choice when planning to purchase materials for your floors.

This material is durable and resilient and can endure different kinds of impacts. It has microscopic air pockets, creating a surface that can return to its original status even after pressure or impact. It is the perfect choice for people who have pets at home but it is essential to make sure that their nails are kept short in order to prevent floor damage.

Cork flooring is known to be resistant to moisture as it contains suberin, which is a waxy substance. Suberin is the reason why floating cork flooring is best when it comes to moisture resistant. However, it is still best to avoid spilling fluids on the floor and letting it stand for a long time. Make sure to clean the spills right away if you want to maintain the quality and beauty of your floor.

Aside from moisture resistance, cork flooring is also insect resistant due to the suberin substance. This waxy element makes the material tough against molds, mildew and insect infestation. With this in mind, if your children are experiencing allergies, it is recommended to change your carpet into cork flooring.

Aside from acting as a good protection, the cellular structure or air pockets of cork flooring can also help confine heat, making the floor warmer and more comfortable even in barefoot compared to other flooring materials such as vinyl or laminated floors.

Additionally, the cellular structure of the cork effectively absorbs sound. Compared to other flooring materials that produce hallow sound, cork flooring absorbs sound well and can be useful for hallways and certain areas where echoes can be a concern.

Cork flooring has low maintenance and everyday dirt can be removed with just a broom. It is recommended to wipe the floor with a slightly damp mop at least once a week. Make sure to clean any liquid spills at once using paper towel or sponge and then dry the cork flooring with a mop. Remember to avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaners with this kind of flooring.

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