Clean your Carpet or Make a Change?

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There is nothing worse than a well decorated and designed home with subpar flooring. If the time has come for you to focus on this part of your home, there are many questions you need to answer.

For those with carpeting, here is a decision you will have to make at some point: should you attempt to clean your carpet or simply have it replaced?

This depends on a variety of factors, including how dirty your carpet truly is, the type of stains you are dealing with, your timeframe, and your budget.

If your carpet is relatively new, it makes sense to focus your time and attention on the cleaning process. You can rent or buy a carpet cleaner, or you can hire a professional company to visit your home. Either way, you are hoping for the same end result: for your carpet to come out looking as good as new.

On the other side, if your carpet is old or too dirty to be cleaned, it is time to consider making a change. There are many types of carpet to choose from, allowing you to find something that suits your budget and style.

When shopping for carpet, focus on the following details:

·      Style

·      Color

·      Quality

·      Cost

·      Carpet pad

When you examine these details, one at a time, you will find yourself moving closer towards making the right decision.

It doesn’t matter if you clean your carpet or make a total change, when everything is said and done you will be happy with the result. For those who decide on a new install, contact us for professional advice and prompt service.

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