FA Design Build Partners with Non-profit Organizations

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FA Design Build is taking strides in building relationships with non-profit organizations like ReBuild, Habitat for Humanity and Community Forklift who accept quality, used building materials and sell them back to the public, raising awareness in their communities.

FA Design Build will make efforts to donate usable building materials and provide the homeowner with a suggested donation amount that can be written off on their taxes.  We will provide homeowners with an official donation form provided by the non-profit organization.  As part of the standard process, FA Design Build will also coordinate the pick-up of the materials during the donation/de-construction phase of the project at no additional cost to the homeowner.  Typical donation amounts can vary greatly, but a full kitchen, of quality materials in working order, can provide homeowners approximately $500.00 to $1,000.00 or more as a tax deduction.


Contact FA Design Build at 703-934-8447 for more details.

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