Analysis Paralysis

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By Denise Smith

Too often we are so concerned about “making it right” that we give up before we have even begun. I recently had a client who expressed wonderful ideas in our time together, yet hadn’t taken steps to do anything. When I asked her why, she said “I get so nervous about making a decision that I just can’t get anything done. I am afraid that one mistake will ruin everything.” She confessed that when a bedding set she had been admiring for months was finally deeply discounted, she couldn’t bring herself to take it to the counter.

Most homeowners embarking on a home improvement project are, thankfully, don’t suffer from such extreme analysis paralysis. Many do, however, put off making a decision for fear of getting it wrong. The projects pile up, which contributes to the predicament of not knowing where to start.

I try to encourage my clients to have fun with their spaces, and to remember that if they love it, then it will work. Learning to identify what it is you love will help you have the confidence to make excellent decisions. Peruse catalogues, magazines and decorating books and take notes on what appeals to you. Notice colors, shapes, and sizes and don’t get too hung up on sticking to a particular design style. Go with your gut reaction. Listen to your immediate response. When it is finally time to make a selection, recalling your previously chosen preferences will come easily.

There are many factors that can influence where home improvement dollars should be spent. Return on investment is at the top of this list, but today’s economy has motivated many homeowners to think long term, which can change the budget priority. An additional bedroom may not add as much to the value of a home as an updated kitchen, but in a growing family, this extra space can greatly improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.

There is no Magic Formula. There is no Good Taste Indicator. Remember, it is your space. Don’t be afraid to make it better.

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