6 Tips for Avoiding Home Design Mistakes

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Bad DesignMaking even small design changes can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. However, all too often a design project goes too far, or misses the mark altogether.
Don’t fall into the common design pitfalls discussed below. Stick to our easy design tips, and you’ll be sure to live in a home you love.
1. Pay attention to lighting.
Bad lighting can ruin even the most beautifully decorated room. Plan for spaces with soft layers of lighting at different heights – a table lamp and a floor lamp, for example.
2. Hang pictures at the right height.
Frames should be hung at eye height, which is lower than most people think. For gallery walls, consider the entire layout instead of just one or two pieces.
3. Practice restraint with throw pillows.
Transforming a room with pillows is quick and affordable, but don’t go overboard. Stick to this rule: only buy a new pillow if you will part with an old one.
4. Use the trends that fit your lifestyle.
It’s understandable to want to keep your home up-to-date. However, not all trends may be right for your house. Feel free to adapt (or skip) trends to fit your needs. For example, instead of painting an entire room a bold, trendy shade, why not paint on accent wall instead?
5. Be selective with decorative painting.
Similarly, take a pass on those decorative painting trends that don’t fit your home décor goals. Some walls look fantastic with a mural, but many do not. Why not opt for a simple stenciled design, and keep your look “you”?
6. Part with pieces that no longer serve you.
Sentimental value can leave you wanting to hang on to pieces you need to let go. Or, you may feel guilty for parting with something you paid a lot for. However, take a hard look at your walls and shelves – if the objects are causing more clutter than they’re worth, it’s time to sell or donate them.

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