6 Tips for Better Kitchen Performance!

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This is a guest post from Jim Grace, REICO Kitchen & Bath

Accessorize your kitchen for better performance & easier use!

Cabinet Accessories – the “hidden” jewelry of your kitchen!
Some of a kitchen’s best kept secrets are hidden behind the doors, drawers and fronts of your cabinets. They sit patiently waiting for their turn to delight you, help you find what you are looking for or just make your life and little bit more fun or easy. They are the “hidden” jewelry of the kitchen, cabinet accessories.
Cabinet accessories come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 6 great ideas for cabinet accessories that can help improve your kitchen:

Base Multi-Storage Drawer




1.  Base Multi-Storage Drawer
Having a deep drawer allows for more storage, and that storage is increased even more with the base multi-storage drawer. A second slide in drawer core nestle right inside the larger drawer core, allowing you to store additional lids, cooking utensils or whatever you need right there with other items.


Base Pull out Pantry



2.  Base Pull out Pantry
Want a handy cabinet that allows you to see all the canned goods you have stored without getting on your hands and knees to rifle through everything. A pull out pantry storage provides efficient storage and an easy way for the cook to see what they have to work with in the kitchen. Also comes as option in wall cabinets and taller pantry cabinets.


Base Top Mount Waste Basket – Double


3.  Base Top Mount Waste Basket – Double
A must have in every kitchen! Hide the trash can, clear up kitchen floor space, minimize smell and keep recycling with it as well, a base top mount waste basket is the perfect cabinet accessory for any kitchen. It hides your trash…what could be better? For the serious recycler, you can go with a larger cabinet that holds 4 trash bins. A serious recycling party that will never end!


4. Tilt Out Sink Tray



4.  Tilt Out Sink Tray
Another absolute must have! Hide your sponges and keep your kitchen sink and countertop more neat and tidy. Plastic or metal insert easily house multiple sponges behind your sink base drawer front. A small investment that keeps your tired old sponges hidden.



Vertical Lift Appliance Garage




5.  Vertical Lift Appliance Garage
Hide countertop appliances and easily access when you need them with a Vertical Lift Appliance Garage. The front cabinet door blends in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen, minimizing clutter on your kitchen countertops. It’s easily raises up and down with minimal effort and looks great.


Base Flat Storage



6.  Base Flat Storage
Good bye junk drawer…hopefully! Organize storage instead of jamming all into the closest drawer with a Base Flat Storage cabinet. Organize for art supplies, place mats, cooking sheets. All of your flat storage items together for organized access. Label maker lovers go crazy for this one, putting their mark on each tray to really take it to the next level of organization….or anal retention!


There are so many more cabinet accessories (click here for more ideas) to choose from that can make your kitchen a lot more fun and functional to use. Whether you are planning a new kitchen or just want to update your current ones, cabinet accessories can make a huge difference.

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