5 Simple Tips for Creating Fun and Functional Children’s Rooms – Part 2

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KidsOur last blog featured tips for designing a bedroom that fits a child’s needs and imagination. But we still have 3 more important tips to share. Read on to learn how lighting, color, texture, and other elements can help you design the perfect room for your child.


3.  Don’t forget lighting – it can make a statement: Lighting is very important for all of us, particularly if we want to raise good, strong readers. Make sure you consider both overhead and easy-to-use task lighting. Your child’s desk will need a lamp, but so will her bedside table. Provide options for lighting, according to the needs of various parts of her room. But, keep design in mind! These days, lighting fixtures are both functional and attractive. Some of them can even be the statement piece in a room.


4.  Have fun with it – color, pattern, texture: Decorating a children’s room is your opportunity to let your inner child out. While you may prefer to keep things more traditional or simple in your living and dining areas, the children’s rooms is the perfect place to try some of those bolder design ideas you’ve seen in magazines and on Pinterest. This is a safe spot in the home where getting a little more active and spunky with your design ideas is totally acceptable. Don’t be afraid to mix fun patterns, colors and textures together. You’d be surprised how many options you would never consider that can actually end up looking amazing together. Try creating idea boards to mix and match patterns and colors until you get a combination that works for you. Consider using toy, such as large stuffed animals and dollhouses, as part of the décor. What do you wish your room had looked like when you were a child? Now is the time to indulge those ideas — Go ahead, let your inner child loose!


5.  Get your child involved – While you probably have tons of amazing ideas for what you’d like your child’s room to be, don’t forget that it is their space, after all. It is important for children to feel totally themselves in their room. Even if their design style clashes a bit with yours, let them have input on what their room looks like. For example, ask them to describe what their favorite room would look like, and try to incorporate some of those ideas into the décor. Also, let them participate in compiling the idea board so they can have a hands-on role in the process. Treat it like a fun crafting project, and see where their imaginations lead! Allowing them to make decisions about their room will give them confidence and will ensure that they get a room they will enjoy. Even if they come up with ideas that aren’t very practical, you could try to use a variation on their idea that will still be creative and original. There are always ways to make their off-the-wall ideas work. Who knows, they could turn into the next hot design trend!


Implementing these tips into your child’s room can be a lot of fun and can completely transform an important space in your home. While we may not immediately put a lot of thought into the décor of our children’s rooms, doing so will add a sense of design continuity throughout the home. And, as your kids grow up, they’ll have plenty of friends coming over for play dates, birthday parties, and other occasions, so thinking of their room from the perspective of guests can change your perspective on how important this space actually is.


If you take the time to learn about your child’s needs and style, you’ll be surprised at how much they’ll enjoy the process – and especially the results of their brand new room. In fact, your child might just want to be sent to their room!

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