5 Simple Tips for Creating Fun and Functional Children’s Rooms – Part 1

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KidsRemember when you first decorated your baby’s nursery, when you could choose any style and color you wished to prepare that special room for your special little one?


Well, now that baby is growing up, complete with her own ideas about which colors, furniture, and décor looks best! She wants a room that reflects her personality, as well as one that showcases her favorite colors and decorative tastes. You want a room that provides her with a quiet place to study, a fun place to play and spend time with friends, not to mention an organized space that will help her get ready for school – and help you get out the door – in the morning!


Can both of you have everything you want in a room? You definitely can, with a little bit of planning and teamwork. By keeping your child in mind as you make decorating decisions, as well as by asking her to join in the process, will help you create a room that is perfect for her and that fits perfectly into your home. Here are five simple tips to keep in mind as you plan your child’s perfect space:


1.  Consider easy-to-transition storage – As your child grows up, her storage needs will change. In the first few years, large toys and stuffed animals will need a place to be tucked away. But, when she gets older, she may have more clothes, handbags, and shoes that will need to be organized. Consider storage solutions that will easily transition based on your child’s age and interests. Also, consider any hobbies your child has – arts and crafts, sports, etc. – because these items will require additional storage as well. Benches, bookcases and cubbies are great solutions.  Under-the-bed storage is also a great use of space and can easily transition from toys to shoes and purses and your child ages.


2.  Make room for play and work – Your child should enjoy spending time in her room playing and reading, but she will need a quiet place for doing homework, too! Consider multiple locations where your child can do these activities comfortably. Having a special place to do school work can help your child focus instead of being distracted by other things in their room that are competing for attention. A good, solid desk with plenty of storage and a comfortable desk chair will be very important, particularly for tweens and teens. Make sure it is in a location where plenty of outlet space is available for charging phones and tablets. A comfortable seating option, like a nice chair or small sofa will allow them to read out of bed, entertain friends and work or play on the iPad or laptop.


In our next blog, we’ll reveal our other 3 tips for designing a magical room any child would love.

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