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Mixing Wood Tones

Posted By on Nov 26, 2014

By Denise Smith Like many decorating decisions, the introduction of wood tones into a plan requires some conscious awareness.  A well thought out strategy for how different types of wood will play against each other can really create a memorable design.  But at the same time, when I visit a space for a first time I rarely think, “Well, this would be nice if the wood tones coordinated better.” I hear about this fear from my clients,...

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3 Carpet Myths to Avoid

Posted By on Nov 19, 2014

When it comes time to shop for flooring, you will be faced with a variety of options. Even though hardwood is becoming more and more popular, carpeting is still a top choice among many homeowners. Those who shy away from buying carpet often times do so because of widely circulated myths. Here are three myths to ignore as you consider your options and decide what type of flooring is best for your home: 1. Carpet will get dirty sooner...

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More and more homeowners are considering the benefits of installing hardwood in their home. Not only does it look good, but it works nicely in almost every room. Even though some people are leaving carpet in the past, this remains one of the most popular flooring options. Most realize that carpet is comfortable, both on the feet and when sitting on the floor. While this may be the most well known benefit, there are others that you...

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