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When the time comes to change the floors in your home, you will be faced with a variety of options. While carpet and ceramic tile remain popular, more and more people are turning to hardwood. Are you familiar with the benefits of hardwood flooring? To go along with a variety of vendors, all of which have something special to offer, there are many other advantages when compared to the alternatives. Here are three to consider: 1. Can be...

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Home for the Holidays

Posted By on Oct 14, 2014

By Jessica Cannon Design Director – FA Design Build The question that I get most often during this time of the year is, can I get my kitchen remodel completed before the holidays? Now that we are 6 weeks away from Thanksgiving, there are some remodels that are perfect for this time of the year….just in time to have Thanksgiving dinner at home. In the kitchen, there are a variety of remodeling options that I recommend that can be...

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When choosing flooring, it is easy to get so caught up in the appearance that you forget about everything else. Rather than risk a mistake, here are three factors to consider as you attempt to make a final decision. 1. Location. Which room or rooms are you working in? You aren’t going to put carpet in a kitchen or bathroom. You may opt against ceramic tile in a cold basement. The room itself will go a long way in dictating your...

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