10 Top Kitchen Remodeling Questions

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I am a third generation remodeler who has been in the Design Build realm for the past 14 years. I specialize in Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, and creating a Master Suite type projects.

The most popular questions I get asked are listed below, this info will hopefully help give you more knowledge to make better decisions for your family and property.

I will take one question a week and give you my insight, experience, and best practices advice. Please refer to your local county code for any code related questions.

Best of luck with your project!

Top Questions I get asked:

Kitchen Remodel:

1.     What type of company is the right kind for my project?

2.     How much should I budget for a kitchen Remodel?

3.     Can I take down walls to open my space up?

4.     Can I supply my own materials?

5.     What kind of countertop is right for this project?

6.     How long will this take?

7.     Can I live here during the Remodel?

8.     Are permits needed?

9.     Do I have to be home during the remodel?

10.  What do I do with my Pets?

There are many more questions that get asked, these tend to be the most popular.

If you have a project specific question please feel free to email me those questions at dmagri@fadesignbuild.com

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